Investor Mentality

As Robert Kiyosaki thinks that, “there are four types of people [in the financial world]: workers, workers with higher status, entrepreneurs and investors… and if you want to be rich(er), you should be more of an entrepreneur and investor…” So, I would like to add some comments and suggestions on this subject and discuss why I think that investor mentality is the way to go.

What do you want in life? Health? Wealth? Love? Happiness?… I too.

This can be accomplished by learning and applying (if you agree). But, what do you need for these two?! – Time, Energy (and Money). This is why I think that everything revolves around investing time and energy (the right way)!

The Investor Mentality vs Speculating

Distinguishing between INVESTING and SPECULATING is the first thing I had to learn! These two opposites can look alike, but they actually have two totally different outcomes – speculating promises big rewards while hiding higher risks while investing has low risk and have low to moderate rewards. Let me give you an example in the fitness industry:

  • speculation: “Lose 10 kg of pure fat in 2 weeks,” and
  • investment: “Lose 10 kg of pure fat in 2 YEARS!”

If you compare the two, first will risk your health, injuries and possible yo-yo effect and the second hides almost no risks.

After a while, I discovered that understanding investing needs to get instinctual, like a habit…


In the end, if it looks too good to be true, then run – it’s a trap!

So, why should you be an investor before everything else? Because investors are the winners and speculators are the losers; you’ll see in a second!

Time frame – another component of investing! Some neuroscientist discovered that when we think of us in the future, we usually don’t relate to that person. Of course, the more you imagine yourself in the future, the stronger the relations between the two of you! Most don’t train themselves because noone teaches this (in school) and it’s hard to get to this information.

Conclusion: if you want to be a winner, ask yourself, “what are losers doing?” and because thinking about the future is not something that everyone can do, knowing that investor can’t be anyone, then being one will get you into the winning group! – and this stands for every aspect in your life! :O

Investor Mentality for Everything

  • Health – “your health is the best investment!” Staying healthy is the backbone of success in life. When you’re sick, nothing else matters so invest your time, money and energy to maintain proper health.
  • Love and social – some say, “I can’t live without love,” also, some may agree that we are social animals by nature and we depend on each other. Investing in relationships can bring you unlimited happiness as well as health and even health in some indirect ways!
  • Wealth – if you have some financial problems, spend time, money and energy in reading some good books on the subject. You’ll be amazed by what you don’t know that you previously thought you knew!…


Investor mentality is the most useful skill you can obtain and master. It takes time, but also it gets easier. If you have big plans, but you get frustrated or procrastinate, it’s best to just start small and then scale up over time… also, if you’re not used to practicing this skill, start with a simple exercise of seeing yourself a day from now, a week from now, month… and you will see the whole picture!

From time to time, ask yourself, in what are you investing your time, money and energy? 

Is there any short and/or long term potential? 

How can you improve your investing skills?

Some other benefits of investing?

…finally, don’t forget that this is a skill it takes time to be better – so don’t be scared of failures and trust the process!

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