Being Consistant vs Being Efficient

Fitness Experts

So, I was listening to this “fitness expert” from my local gym saying on the national television about some efficient ways of getting into shape, particularly in losing weight. Now, he said some statements that just made me think:*Assassiantion.exe loading: 97%*

*Assassination in progress: 97%*

  • “cardio is just too inefficient in losing weight,”
  • “exercising with the right form is overrated,” and the weird one
  • “bears get fat because they eat fruit”… wait, what?

To conclude, he thinks that the only way to get the good body is to go to the (probably his) gym and whatever you do don’t do cardio (because it’s made for “your heart and you’ll, most likely, lose muscle”). WOW! Just WOW! I was stunned. Putting aside those accusations about cardio, clearly made by well-biased or if I can say “fat” experts – oh yes, I forgot to say that he has the biggest belly I’ve ever seen on a fitness expert person – it got me thinking what’s better:

Losing body fat efficiently or consistently (inefficiently)?

My short answer would be:

It depends …

Classic one.

Now my opinion; when I go for a walk (the most inefficient way according to cardio-haters) I listen to audio books. This way I’m doing both, educating myself and losing fat. Looks pretty efficient to me. When I go for a run (ooh you already know they hate this one) I get so much from it (I wrote it in this post) plus I can also listen to the audio books – more efficient because I can focus more on the sound. When I go to the gym, however, I can’t listen my mp3 because of all the talking and all the music in the gym. Also, I need to be focused on the workouts. Of course, when I go to the gym, I get a lot of benefits too, I just can’t do anything other than working out – so that’s efficient, but not so much. 😛

But, the point here is losing fat, and not if you can or can not do other things while working out. That’s right, but sometimes working out is boring… :/

I think that if I can create a habit of walking while listening to some 5h+ long audio books, that means 5h+ of pure fat burning without effort. And do one book per week, there you go, you’re in shape without even noticing, and as it looks like it’s super efficient. The only thing you need is some good snickers and not some fancy equipment, nor gym membership, nor expensive personal “trainers”… nothing.

On Being Consistent

To prove a point, let’s compare slow walking to some high-intensity training like CrossFit.

  • walking every day for 5 days and let’s say that you burn 150 calories every time = -750 calories; also, it’s easy and you don’t even get that tired after and you don’t get that need to eat more,
  • CrossFit once every week, although you’ve burned (hypothetically) 500 calories, you get the highest rush of hunger and you eat like a beast after the workout and end up eating +500 calories; although you impacted your metabolism with the workout, you didn’t do much in getting leaner…

Note that I deliberately used the two extremes for the purpose of making a point.I can now say that if you want me to choose

I can now say that, if you want me to choose which one is more important, being consistent and being efficient, I’ll definitely go with BEING CONSISTENT.

But in everyday life, I don’t think many would be satisfied with only one of those two choices (Low Intensity vs High Intensity) so the mixture of the two would be ideal.


In the end, everything is up to you…

The only thing I can add is – just do something. Nothing is written in stone, even though some experts may think otherwise.

Experiment between the two and trust the process.

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