Pursuing Books for Knowledge

Cherry Book Picking

*using jokes on Tai to win you over*

Let’s talk about books!

If you ask me, being able to pick the right book must be a skill: you want to pick that one book, that has that one chapter, that contains that one paragraph with that one sentence with the info (or idea) that you need; this sentence will answer that question or a problem that you’ve been having for a while… and it can be done, but, as I said, “it’s a skill!”

Reading more books on a subject is great, but it’s time-consuming. Typing any topic in Amazon’s search bar will get you insane with how many books you can find. Fortunately, most authors repeat themselves, so when you read the first 5 books, you can just skim through next 95 books and nothing will be missed.

This happened to me when I was starting to trade forex. Many authors repeated themselves and basically after reading a few books, every next book was less useful. And, after some time, I ran into these two, “Naked Trading,” and, “Time Compression Trading.” Like with those two, the ones that are the most important are usually unique in so many ways. After reading them, you’ll able to change your game drastically!

When you find one book in a hundred, you’ll know it! And if it’s a skill, then practice.

Why Bother Reading?

If we agree that you need a great book in order to get ahead, let’s ask, “what makes a book great?” I have a theory:

What if I have a 20-years experience on some topic and I write a book? Would you read it? – Maybe…

But what if, after reading 10 books from authors that have 20-years experience each, and I write a book after 20 years of my own experience, would you read it now? – Hell Yea!!

That’s my point.

When you pick a book, that has been written by a highly experienced professional, reading it can save you so much time, money and energy – ones that need to be well invested. And if you try to compare the price of that book, that’s usually under 50$, with the actual value of the book, you’ll be amazed how much you’re getting from such a low investment.

Once you realize how powerful books can be, you’ll start to boost yourself skyrocketing out of the “loser’s” pit.


  • Don’t be afraid of books. Although you can start with YouTube, the greatest information is usually hidden somewhere in the library.
  • It’s a natural thing to FOMO (fear of missing out), but don’t let it stop you from aggressively jumping from chapter to chapter, paragraph to paragraph until you find the one you need.
  • Finally, depending on your situation and your needs, you’ll do what’s more appropriate, but don’t forget about this skill in your skill-box!

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