Fat Buring Activities

Fat Burning Activities

Before giving some examples, I need to write about the theory. In order to burn fat more efficiently, you need to have two types of activities: low-intensity and high-intensity. The low-intensity exercises are for fat burning and the high-intensity are for making the low-intensity burning more efficient. So, if we talk cars, low-intensity would be pure fuel spending and high-intensity is like building a stronger engine, that burns more.

So, if you’re creating a program of your own, you should consider starting your week with some high-intensity activities like sprinting, CrossFit, P90x…and finishing it with some low-intensity activities like walking, swimming, or cycling.


Let’s start with the easiest one – walking. It’s the easiest and the most practical because it requires only your walking shoes and some good will. It doesn’t get you sore, or sweaty, or even tired. Also, you can do it while listening to some music or audio books, at any given time, at any given weather, and also it can be done by anyone no matter how old or young he or she is.

There are a few tips I can give you:

  • do your walking when you’re in some fasted state for most fat burned,
  • drink some coffee before you go,
  • avoid sugary snacks before,
  • start with half an hour per day, and progress to two hours in the morning before breakfast and two hours before sleep…

I recommend walking to anyone who’s too overweighted, or too old, or for any reason unable to do other more intense activities…or even for someone who likes to increase his or her brain activity.

Cycling and Swimming

Outdoors or inside, cycling is the next activity you can do that’s higher in intensity. Everything that I said for walking applies for cycling, it’s just a different exercise. The reason why it’s on the second place is due to the option of changing the intensity that can result in more calories burnt.

Swimming is, especially in the Summer, better activity for those who like using and developing their whole body and of course showing your sexiness around the swimming pool. 😉

Aerobics, Zumba, spin or jumping classes…

Never been to any of those, but from the stories from the ones who have been, I heard that these activities can give you some extra burn especially the ones that are more oxygen-consuming activities. They may be high intensity for a beginner, but after a few weeks I think everyone is used to them, and that’s why I can put them between Cycling and Circuit training.

Circuit and Interval Trainings

Millions of options here… but the common is that you do a lot of work without resting, or when resting is usually active resting, and that’s not really resting 🙂 so, these are some high-intensity activities. Also, I’ve written about interval training for running and you can read that article here: Running as Fat Burning Cardio>>

Although there are a lot of combinations on how you can do this, I have my favorite combination, and it goes like this:

  • I choose 5 different exercises for different body parts (usually, two for upper body and two for the lower body, and one is pure cardio), where I can do more than 15 reps (so it’s aerobic cardio),
  • I do them all back-to-back without rest,
  • and repeat for 10 sets,
  • rests between sets are from 30 sec up to 2 min… example:

1 set:
10 x ‘squat+jumping squat’,
10 x pushups,
5 x prone cobras,
20 x jumping lunges (10 per side) and
20 x jumping jacks

….rest for 30 sec – 2 min and do 9 sets more!
p.s. this is how I do it, but you can create your own because, as I said, million ways to do this…it’s highly customizable!

Sports, CrossFit, P90x…

In the end, you have all the high-intensity sports like basketball, football, as well as many different programs like CrossFit and P90x… these activities should really exhaust your body and get you out of breath in a short period of time.

To mention it once more, the more you give in these the better your body gets at burning fat as fuel, so work hard and sweat well!


  • Mon and Tue – high intensity, Thu and Fri – low intensity, Wed and weekend – optional, and in a no-time, you’ll see great changes in your body.
  • If you can’t do any high-intensity, just low-intensity is fine, but it may take you some few extra weeks to achieve your goals. In that case, you can do two hours before any food in the morning and before sleep.
  • It is simple and maybe not easy, but you only need consistency!

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