Shape Your Body

The ideal body shape

Hey, How Would You Like to:

Adult Athlete Doing Push-Ups As Part Of Crossfit Training

  • look like a movie star or an athlete?
  • keep going to the gym, but not look like an average bodybuilder?
  • not get ripped off with supplements, equipment, classes…and other BS that’s coming from the misleading fitness industry?
  • be able to create your own program that’s most efficient?
  • touch your abs and look yourself in a mirror and be amazed!?
  • workout like a pro, but the way you like it?
  • finally get an honest compliment on your looks?

…don’t worry, this isn’t just a dream, you can achieve that, but you need to understand the:

Common Problems

First of all, most problems come from not understanding the whole process of shaping your body. Simply put, you need knowledge, then you need to create the program, learn the exercises and following the program.

To be honest, it’s really simple to be fit…

there are only a few things to consider:

   Exercising: knowing how many sets/reps/rests, changing phases…

   Diet: eating clean, not over-eating, healthy…

…that’s it. Easy! The reason why fitness “experts” are making it harder, it’s because…well, to be honest, I don’t know!  :/

Moving on.. 🙂

Also, there are some reasons why you, or anyone else, is stuck, like:
(NO IT’S NOT GENETICS…it can be, but mostly it’s not)

  • staying too long in a phase, overtraining, not following the program,
  • not understanding the process, expecting results too fast,
  • relying on an instructor, doing only the most common exercises,
  • not understanding muscles, growth, mass, definition,
  • bad diet, or too complicated, believing in supplements, messing with hormones…

So, what is the smartest thing you can do now?

I’ve created this video that I think explains a lot!
Check it out:

The goal here is to persuade you to make a decision of investing in your fitness. Some may focus only on money in life, some will focus only on socializing, love, health, happiness, intelligence…but the truth is that all those elements are important to a human.

No matter who you are, you need some structure and balance in your life and the pillars are: are: health, wealth, love and happiness.

The program that I prescribe in the video is a tool that will help you, to some degree, to achieve those goals. Of course, it’s not and get-fit-quick scheme, it’s a very useful tool that when you apply it, can make a difference!

So, for more, visit the website and read the article (it’s free):

The Official Website of Visual Impact

Also, if you decide to purchase the Visual Impact program, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Educational .pdf of how to make your own workout program,
  • Exercises demonstration .pdf,
  • Common misbelieves,
  • Common problems,
  • Diet plan,
  • How movies stars achieve their perfect physique,
  • How to lose fat with cardio, and much more…

Bonus Professional Material: