Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Elizabeth I, Pablo Picasso, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Von Goethe, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander the Great, Morihei Ueshiba

Ten Primary Intelligences

Before listing out all the primary intelligences, you should know some of the characteristics of intelligence:

  • these primary are the ones to start with, and that means that there’re many more sub-intelligences that can be introduced,
  • all those intelligences work together to boost and help each other, so make sure to pay enough attention to each,
  • measuring each intelligence can be a double-edged sword due to its complexity and not enough evolved technology, so I advise you to skip the measuring part altogether because it’s useless (even the standard IQ tests)…

1) Verbal

It’s the brain’s ability to work with words (vocabulary) and the ability to connect and use those words in complex sentences and ideas. Basically, it’s all about the languages we use to communicate. How many words you know and use correctly reflects how well-developed your verbal intelligence is.

So, pick up a dictionary and learn some new words, or read more books.

2) Numerical

It’s when the brain plays with numbers. Everything in Math can be assigned to this intelligence.

Pretend you lost your calculator and your phone, or try to solve a math problem, once in a while. Also, learn mnemonics for numbers and practice memorizing long decimal numbers.

3) Engineering

When you manipulate space and objects in your mind. This intelligence is especially high with surgeons, gardeners, engineers, mechanics, painters, programmers, builders…

Start a garden, try to build something, do some complex rearrangements in your head of some objects that you think of or have run into, learn how something is built/made…well, just get:

4) Creative

When you connect things, objects, ideas, even other intelligences, in a way that’s usually not easily connectable, you get creative. Creative intelligence isn’t just for bakers, it’s a very useful skill that is getting very popular in these past few decades. The main reason for this is due to an increased usage of robotics for hard-labor, but due to their inability to be anyhow creative, there is still increased need for that type of work. So, creativity will be dominated by humans for a long time. And it’s also really useful in everyday life.

To boost this intelligence, one way comes to mind. You need a pen and a piece of paper. You take two random objects (things, ideas, activities, etc…) and try to connect the two until you’re successful. After a while, you can introduce another object in the equation or more… be creative about being creative!

5) Interpersonal

It’s to one’s ability to connect with others, or if you wish, it’s one brain able to connect with other brains. Characteristics of this intelligence are empathy, body language (reading), understanding human emotions, conflict resolution, relationship, ability to connect with different people…

You probably already know how you should work on this one; socialize, interact with and observe others…

6) Intrapersonal

“Know Thyself!”

This one revolves around you! It’s you understanding you, and your ability to “talk to yourself” intelligently! It’s when you self-analyze and try to figure out what’s happening inside your head, and most importantly, why?

Fortunately, there is a whole scientific discipline that studies you – psychology and also, philosophy.

7) Sensual

One of the most popular advice from Leonardo da Vinci is “senses development.” Also, his own goal during his life was to open his eyes widely to see like no one before. Now, imagine that one of your eyes is closed, one of your ears is shut, one of your nostrils is clogged…how would you perceive the world? It would be half the experience. And what if that’s already the truth? Imagine if you can see like an eagle, smell like a dog, hear like a musician, taste like a chef, touch like a blind…well, you can!

This skill of developing your senses is easy and probably the most potential. Each time there is a new sensual experience (and that’s almost always) do it with maximum focus. After a few months, depending on your senses right now, you’ll see the difference, and you’ll see the world more clearly.

8) Bodily

The intelligence that’s controlling your body, helping you maintain good posture and helps you move throughout space is bodily intelligence. The better you know your body, the better innervation you have of it, and the more you understand how it works, the more intelligent you are. This also involves all my talk from the fitness and health, so make sure you check that categories from this site.

In fitness, I suggest that you should experiment with different exercises, tempo, repetitions, activities…and that’s also doing a huge favor to this intelligence. Also, having a good posture and flexibility is a direct indicator of your bodily intelligence so don’t screw yourself. Additionally, you can spend time and energy learning anatomy and medicine for the purpose of more understanding and bigger potential for creative development.

9) Spiritual

Spiritual intelligence reflects your ability to live in harmony and be connected with nature, caring with animals, plants, and everything around you. You can call this one an environmental intelligence. So it is more gentle, more loving, strong, not weak intelligence.

10) Intelligence of Intelligences

The tenth and the final intelligence is the intelligence on all intelligences. This one is about the final elements that make a genius, genius. This might not be an obvious one, but it is there to teach you to study other big minds and geniuses and find the patterns that made them what they are, ones that are remembered and studied many more years after their deaths.

Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Elizabeth I, Pablo Picasso, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Von Goethe, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander the Great, Morihei Ueshiba


Understand and learn all the intelligences and try to see the patterns in real life. Analyze each, point out the ones that you can develop more and be creative. Nothing is impossible, because of the fact that if you’re able to read this whole article, you’re already a genius!

Also, remember that the most accurate intelligence test is the earth itself and life you’re living. If you’re currently failing, because you’re already a genius, you can and should innovate yourself out of it! Don’t believe me? Just use some of those 10 tools you have!

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